Anticipating Outcomes

We focus a lot on objectives. What outcomes do we hope to achieve with our instruction? Often we plan a lesson with specific objectives as our end goals, but we also should plan for the possible stumbling blocks along the way. In ADDIE, this would hopefully happen in the analysis phase. If my goal is... Continue Reading →

Skype Tip of the Day

For the beginning Skype for Business user: Skype can be used for reoccurring meeting events. If you get an email invitation to the event and add it to your Office 365 calendar, you do not have to go to your calendar to attend the event. I have an event that happens every morning and my... Continue Reading →

Fun Sites

In October, we talked about finding safe sites that are just right for kids (elementary). The internet can be a great place for children to learn and explore and it can also be a dangerous place to learn and explore. We compared websites to field trips. Some places would not be safe places to visit... Continue Reading →

Not August but everything after

So my personal goal of blogging a minimum of once a week has been blown out of the water. August has been a blur of starting back to school and taking on additional outside ID development projects. A great and challenging August but not good for the site. This summer I attended professional development for... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse Resources

August 21st is the big day here in Nashville and, while we initially not going to be in school, we will have students that day. Here is a list of resources for learning about the eclipse and some activities that can be done in your school/classroom. I will keep adding to it as I find... Continue Reading →

Safe Youtube

Day Two Conference Fun Tips (well one of them anyway) So many good videos are posted on youtube BUT you never know what ads or followup movies will pop up while you are showing them in class. So here are two sites you can use to safely show youtube videos. The idea is that you... Continue Reading →

Marie Kondo Your Desktop

Summer is a generous term for June and half of July (not to mention the PD days I'll be subtracting from those few weeks). But that's okay, 'cause SUMMER. I listened to a great podcast recently that talked about ways to use your summer to get organized. I'll admit I have a list on my... Continue Reading →

Technology Does Not Make The Teacher…

...the teacher makes the technology. One of the things I hear from teachers is that they do not feel like they are good at integrating technology in the classroom. I think the technology push has made teachers feel substandard if they can't implement every new web tool into their curriculum. Technology should be a tool.... Continue Reading →

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