Marie Kondo Your Desktop

Summer is a generous term for June and half of July (not to mention the PD days I’ll be subtracting from those few weeks). But that’s okay, ’cause SUMMER. I listened to a great podcast recently that talked about ways to use your summer to get organized. I’ll admit I have a list on my desk with all the things I am going to get caught up on over summer and I’ll also admit that if I check one box I will dub this summer a success. But that doesn’t keep me from making lists.

Back to the podcast. Angela Watson from Truth for Teachers has a great episode about ways to get organized. My favorite – getting your files organized in a cloud based setting such as Dropbox. I love this idea especially since I have two computers (work and personal) and two jobs (tech coach and instructional designer) so this has the potential to make me twice as crazy. I have a pretty good file system set up on my computers, but it would be great to have one space for it all just in case. Anyway, I love the ideas in this podcast and think classroom teachers would benefit immensely from the advice. Maybe you could add it to your checklist of things to get caught up this summer…

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