Not August but everything after

So my personal goal of blogging a minimum of once a week has been blown out of the water. August has been a blur of starting back to school and taking on additional outside ID development projects. A great and challenging August but not good for the site. This summer I attended professional development for using Engineering thinking in schools and I loved the ideas people shared and their projects in development. But that was the summer. Now we are in the school year and between switching to standards based grading and the amount of testing and curriculum adjustments being given to teachers so far this year (I believe the phrase is ‘building the plane while flying’), there is little room for more. My goal then is to take the engineering thinking and model it in my technology time with my students. I am working on creating a curriculum that includes engineering thinking, technology, digital literacy, and digital citizenship in the 30 minutes I see students each week. I will be working on this curriculum this year and sharing some of the lessons (what works and doesn’t) here. I would love to hear suggestions from anyone who has implemented these ideas in their classroom curriculum. I am looking forward to the challenge and building something that benefits students and supports what teachers are doing in their classrooms as well. Hopefully, you’ll hear about it more often than every other month.

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