Technology Does Not Make The Teacher…

...the teacher makes the technology. One of the things I hear from teachers is that they do not feel like they are good at integrating technology in the classroom. I think the technology push has made teachers feel substandard if they can't implement every new web tool into their curriculum. Technology should be a tool.... Continue Reading →


Edmodo can be used in any disciplinary area. It is a great resource for those wanting to flip their classroom or just for homework support at home. As students get older, doing math homework can sometimes be daunting for parents as well as students. Using Edmodo to help connect parents and students to tutorial videos... Continue Reading →


Blendspace is a fantastic tool for teachers whether they are working to flip their classroom, set up a instructional center, or just enhance their daily teaching. This is an example of a lesson on St. Patrick. It is not a well planned lesson, but I wanted to quickly come up with an idea that could... Continue Reading →

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